Pre Course

All our lecturers and speakers have a proven track record of providing top class postgraduate courses.

All the course material used is evidence based.

All upcoming courses are detailed on our website and social media outlets with full aims, objectives and learning outcomes clearly stated.

During Course

Attendance – attendance sheets are used for every course. This lets us keep track of attendance throughout the events.

Content – all our speakers have a track record as well respected clinicians and educators. We engage with our delegates and keep a close on their feedback throughout the events and relay any issues back to the speaker on a regular basis.

Participation – Courses are generally either lecture based with specific Q&A sessions at the end, or hands-on courses when delegates engage in hands-on practical exercises.

Post Course Evaluation

Every delegate is given a feedback form during the event and is requested to fill it in at the end of each day. This is all done anonymously to allow for honest feedback on content and delivery. These are reviewed after the course and any issues raised are reflected on and any omissions or suggestions made are given due consideration.

Complaints Procedure – Should a complaint be received this would be considered promptly and a response will be provided within 5 working days.

CPD certificates – Following completion of the feedback forms delegates are provided with CPD certificates.

The certificates include:

  • Delegate Name & GDC Number
  • Date and venue of the course
  • Title of the course, plus aims, objectives and learning outcomes (with the appropriate GDC vCPD outcome letter, A,B,C,D as per GDC guidelines.
  • Total hours of verifiable CPD
  • Statement that the CPD is subject to quality assurance.
  • Statement that the information on the CPD certificate is full and accurate.