The Ultimate Anterior Resin Course

Sessions between 10th March - 12th March 2023

Course summary

Want to take your anterior resin work to a whole new level?

Join us from 10th-12th March for a unique 3 day anterior resin event.

This bespoke and fully-immersive event will focus on advanced anterior resin treatments and will be 100% hands on.

Delegates will have access to all the theory webinars AND demo webinars allowing the 3 days to be a deep dive into anterior resin artistry.

The event has been approved for 6 sessions CPD allowance (up to £1380 can be claimed) and the whole event will qualify for 40 hours vCPD.

The hands-on will include:

  • Isolation protocols – how to place rubber dam efficiently and effectively.
  • Multiple resin veneers
  • Diastema closure
  • Peg lateral restoration
  • Discoloured tooth
  • Post ortho edge-bonding
  • Restoring wear

Early bird price – £1650 until 31st December. £1795 thereafter.

Each delegate will receive access to course slides via Dropbox.

Don’t miss out!

Course details


GTG Training, Glasgow


£1650 (inc VAT)

Hours of CPD

40 Hours

What previous delegates said

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After our first hands-on exercise, the work I was able to do was better than any I8 have ever done before. On Monday when I got into the office, all that I had learned translated immediately. I was able to bring this new skill to my patients that day. Typically I do not see such an immediate impact on my practice, but this course was different. Thank you for making me a better dentist.

Phil Zelmanow

The whole course was brilliant. I have been on several restorative courses in the past and this was far and away the best one I’ve been on. All the tutors were very approachable and knowledgeable on the subject and the relaxed environment and venue added to the experience. Thanks again!

Stephen Deboo, University of Liverpool

The Restorative course has helped me in my daily practice, it has a good mix of theory and hands-on skills and has made me feel more confident in tackling cosmetic cases that I may have referred in the past. Jason’s dentistry and breadth of knowledge is inspirational and it was a pleasure to learn from someone who is a master of their craft.

Chis Cumming

What a comprehensive course! I learned a lot from the in-depth theory in the webinars and the thorough hands on instruction from Jason himself where he imparted many useful tips. The new biomechanic knowledge has completely changed my thought processes before putting bur to tooth. I now want to do all Jason’s courses. Thank you.

Caroline Jeffrey, Edinburgh

This is a real must-do-course! Well organised and expertly run.

Dr Alan Hirschowitz BDS-Wits

The Ultimate Anterior Resin Course