The Posterior & Anterior Resin Hands-on Masterclass

Course summary

This event will be fully hands-on as the theory component will be available to all delegates to watch on-demand before the event and again after. Access to course slides will be available before and after as well.

Restoration of an entire quadrant with class 1 and class 2 restorations to include: isolation, preparation protocols, matrix selection, bonding parameters, simplified layering, finishing and polishing.

Restoration of upper incisors with class IV restorations and resin veneers to include: stent fabrication, preparation and bonding protocols, natural layering, tips to incisal tints and opalescence, how to create secondary and tertiary anatomy, advanced finishing and polishing protocols and much more.

This event will be in a larger space with a smaller group than usual to promote social distancing. 14 hours vCPD will be available and CPDA will be sought for the live component.

Those who have attended the webinars contact [email protected] for a discount code.

Course details


GTG Training, Glasgow


£875 (inc VAT)

Hours of CPD

14 Hours

What previous delegates said

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A great lesson on recreating anatomy. Ideal for young dentists and experienced clinicians alike.

Nik Sethi BDS

This is a real must-do-course! Well organised and expertly run.

Dr Alan Hirschowitz BDS-Wits

The Restorative course has helped me in my daily practice, it has a good mix of theory and hands-on skills and has made me feel more confident in tackling cosmetic cases that I may have referred in the past. Jason’s dentistry and breadth of knowledge is inspirational and it was a pleasure to learn from someone who is a master of their craft.

Chis Cumming

After our first hands-on exercise, the work I was able to do was better than any I8 have ever done before. On Monday when I got into the office, all that I had learned translated immediately. I was able to bring this new skill to my patients that day. Typically I do not see such an immediate impact on my practice, but this course was different. Thank you for making me a better dentist.

Phil Zelmanow

The A-Z of Restorative Dentistry course with Jason Smithson provided a comprehensive update on restorative dentistry with high end outcomes in mind. Jason’s presentations were all evidence based and simultaneously managed to inspire and entertain. The course structure allowed in depth discussion on cases including our own patients. A major element of the course was hands on with clear demonstrations and support throughout.

Eddie Bateman

The Posterior & Anterior Resin Hands-on Masterclass